Brutal police encounter captured on video leaves two West Rand tots traumatised

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13 December 2016

“The children are having nightmares over the incident and they and I are now afraid of all police,” their mother, Lelani Venter, told YOU.

A cellphone video shows two children from the West Rand crying after the mother of one of them was given a dressing-down by a member of the police last week.

“The children are having nightmares over the incident and they and I are now afraid of all police,” says Lelani Venter.

Lelanie had gone to drop her maid at the Randfontein station. Her son (6) and her sister’s child were with her.

On the way home a police car, allegedly with six people in it, came up behind her and she changed lanes to allow it to overtake. “But the next moment the police car was again behind me with blue lights flashing.”

Lelanie again changed lanes but the driver of the police car indicated that she should pull over. She indicated that she would stop where it was safer. When she stopped, the driver, dressed in plain clothes, ran towards her and screamed, “Get out of the car!”

“I thought we were being hijacked,” says Lelani, who burst into tears during our telephone interview.

Then a woman, also dressed in plain clothes, got out of the police car and lifted one of the children out of Lelani’s car.

A woman came running from her nearby salon to see what was happening, but the driver of the police car pushed her away.

The salon woman’s husband arrived on the scene and warned the policeman not to push his wife. “What are you going to do about it, moer (hit) me?” shouted the policeman, whose name is known to YOU.

Lelanie then phoned her sister for help. When Lelani’s father arrived on the scene in his own car the police drove off without another word.

“To this day I don’t know why they pulled me over; they never gave a reason,” Lelanie says.

Immediately after the incident she drove to the Randfontein police station to report what had happened. “An internal investigation has been launched,” Captain Ernst Appel, from the Randfontein police, told YOU.

-- Marizka Coetzer


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