Bull’s eye for beauty

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29 October 2010

As he waits at the altar for his bride to enter through the heavy wooden doors Zane Kirchnercan hear her voice echoing through the chapel.

It’s a pre-recorded message from her. “They say time flies but time has flown by because I am in love with you. Now we find ourselves here.”

The Bulls’ fullback and Tasneem Riddles’ wedding day has finally arrived.

Waiting with Zane (26) in the chapel in the Good Hope Private Game Reserve on the banks of the Vaal River near Barkly West are 120 guests.

Eventually a bell announces Tasneem’s arrival. As she walks down the aisle strewn with rose petals Zane tugs at his silky mink-coloured cravat, specially chosen to match the vintage theme of the wedding.

Earlier Tasneem (26), a financial analyst and actress who recently made an appearance in 7de Laan, explained she wanted something different to a traditional white wedding dress.

As the couple exchange rings the chapel doors swing open and four young men walk down the aisle. It’s singing group Romanz and they serenade the couple with My Hele Hart. Tasneem, obviously surprised by the romantic gesture, can’t stop smiling.

Words don’t come easily to Zane but he gamely takes the microphone when it’s his turn to speak.

He promises his mother-in-law, Nabuweya, she need never worry about her daughter. Then he thanks his parents for raising him to be a man worthy of Tasneem’s love.

Finally he turns to his wife. “My love, to you I promise to be the best man I can be.”

The couple wanted a traditional cake with a twist. The three layers are traditional fondant over chocolate mousse and fudge.

On the base is a rugby ball made of imbuia wood – it’s a surprise for Zane from Tasneem. She had a message engraved on the ball that reads, “I take on this game of marriage and promise to stand by you through loss and injury.”

Before opening the dancefloor to Brian McKnight’s version of Crazy Love, the couple touch noses in an intimate Eskimo kiss. Next comes Kurt Darren’s Kaptein Span die Seile, a theme song for the Bulls.

Later, exhausted from the partying, they say their honeymoon has been put on hold until after the Bok tour to Britain.

“We know where we want to go. It’s just a matter of finding the time,” Zane says.

Then Tasneem reminds him, “We have all the time in the world. The fairytale has just begun.”

Fabulous wedding photographs and more in YOU, 4 November 2010.

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