Burglar caught after leaving the ultimate clues behind for cops

This was definitely not the case with Caleb Funke (22). The burglar, from Twin Falls in Idaho, America, was arrested soon after the burglary.

The police caught him so soon because Caleb had left his cellphone and car keys in the house he’d burgled – and returned to fetch them.

A woman called the police and told them someone had broken into her house and plundered a number of rooms. Kitchen cupboards had been broken open and books lay all over the place.

In the midst of the mess the woman found a strange cellphone on her bed. Behind the house police found a car parked with cash and jewellery on the passenger seat. The car was locked.

Shortly afterwards Caleb arrived and told the police his “friend” had borrowed his car and locked the key in it. While Caleb was talking to the police the homeowner emerged from the house with a bunch of keys that didn’t belong to her.

When one of the keys unlocked the car Caleb changed his story and claimed he wasn’t the burglar but that he knew who was.

By this time the police had had enough of his lies and decided to search him. In one of his pockets was a piece of jewellery belonging to the homeowner.

Her cellphone was also found in his car.

Caleb was then arrested. Meanwhile the police have confirmed that he’s a suspect in two other burglaries that took place that day.

To the bitter end Caleb claimed everything had been a big misunderstanding and that he’d broken a window of one of the burgled houses by accident because he thought friends of his were living there.

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