Calling all cat lovers! Café opens its doors to human and feline friends

By admin
26 April 2014

If you love cats and coffee, your wildest dreams have just become reality: a cat café has just opened its doors in New York, reports.

If you love cats, coffee and New York, you're in luck: a cat café has just opened its doors in the Big Apple.

Cat- and coffee-lovers can now order their favourite “cat’achinos”, while cute four-footed felines gambol around them.

And for those who really fall for one of the cats, they can adopt one of fifteen on offer free of charge.

“We want people to come here, order coffee, be among cats and learn about them and their health at the same time,” says Niky Roberts, who helped the café become a reality.

“In this way we can educate people about cats and together make a difference in their lives.”

Unfortunately the establishment is not open permanently, and cat-lovers have just four days before the pop-up restaurant closes its doors again.

Wonder if someone in SA will copy this cute idea!

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