Can dancing in heels really give you a great workout? We test it

By Shanaaz Prince
14 March 2016

This latest fitness trend has local lasses unleashing their inner Beyonces on the dance floor.

I know, I know – exercising’s a drag! So when I heard about a way that I could get fit in my sexiest shoes, I jumped at the chance.

Rocking in Heels is a concept started by Nkateko Maswanganye (25) – whose nickname, ironically, is “Takkies” – to give women a sassier way to get in shape and build their self-confidence.

"At first it was just an idea of having a dance class,” the ballet, contemporary, jazz and Spanish dancer told me.

“I decided to make it different because I didn't want to attract dancers, I wanted to attract women who wanted to get fit and I felt like there was a gap for me to help women, especially with their confidence.”

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“It's a dance workout, it's fun and you're in heels, ladies love being in heels and it's just worked out so well.”

It certainly has – Takkies now has branches in Johannesburg, Centurion and the Mother City.

“This is the third year and it's been growing so much," the Pro Arte Alphen Park high school alum says.

Now, not being much of a group or choreographed dancer, attending the Johannesburg class this week was a bit of a daunting experience for me.

I didn't know the steps, didn't know if I could do the moves and definitely knew that "popping my booty" came doubly hard for me – but I sucked it up, and tried my hand (or feet?) at a bit of “sexy”.

And you know what? Thanks to the step-by-step coaching, I managed! And I wasn’t too bad at all.

Now, I'm by no means your next Lexy Panterra or J Lo, but I'm a little more confident about my dancing – and my sexiest stilettoes!

Here's a look at my very first #RockingInHeels experience: 

Classes average up to 25 a class and are open to everyone, with current participants ranging between age 18 and upwards of 40.

Some famous faces have also popped by, including Babalwa Mneno, Pabi Moloi, Pearl Modiadie and Jessica Nkosi.

"I feel so good when I help people, I've always loved helping people," Takkies says beaming.

"I used to work at an Aids home where I gave classes and there I realised just how much I enjoyed helping people and seeing the smiles on their faces.

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“Also I've had such good reports about weight loss and toning [with Rocking in Heels] and I'm happy to be able to help."

Further exciting stuff may be coming the way of the young dancer and her Rocking in Heels classes.

She’s been asked to present in various shows and there’s even a chance of her having her very own dance show. Watch this space for more!

One thing is certain, it's an excellent workout ? if my currently burning thighs and tender arms are anything to go by.

* Classes cost R120 a lesson or R800 a month for 2 lessons a week.

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