Can you guess which one is the mom?

By Kirstin Buick
08 February 2016

This mother-daughter selfie sent the internet into a frenzy this weekend -- and we can totally see why.


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Kaylan Mahomes, from Indianapolis in the US had no idea she'd nearly break the internet with a sweet snap of herself with her mom Tina and twin sister Kyla.

Tens of thousands of people liked the photo on Twitter, with users begging high school student Kaylan to reveal which one of the trio is actually her mother.

After days of speculation, Kaylan revealed the woman in the black blazer -- on the left -- is her mom.

According to NY Daily News, Tina is 35 and her daughters are 16.

“It’s very flattering,” says Tina. “Most people think I’m their older sister, or sometimes they think we’re triplets.”

The hospice nurse credits eating plenty of fruit and veg, working out and drinking lots of water for her youthful looks.

“I don’t use special soap on my face, just plain water or facial cleanser, and that’s it,” she says. Kaylan, who now has over 25 000 followers on Twitter, appears to have been quite shocked by all the attention, tweeting, "Simply AMAZING how far this picture has travelled," with a screenshots of comments from all over the world. In another tweet she revealed she and her sister have started being stopped in the street by people who recognise them from their photo. Soon after, Kaylan posted a sweet video of the trio in the car again -- and we're just as stumped as to which one is mom! Talk about good genes!

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