Cancer survivors’ Facebook photos taken down for ‘offensive content’

By Samantha Luiz
24 April 2015

Two teenagers who uploaded pictures to Facebook in celebration of beating cancer were stunned when the images were reported as 'offensive content'.

Tiffany Williams and Jessica Versey, both 19-year-olds from Chester in England were happy when they went into remission around the same time. The two, who became close along their cancer journey, separately took to social media to post photos of themselves nearing the end of their battles, but were horrified when a number of the images were reported to Facebook for ‘containing nudity’.

'It really upset me as I didn’t see what the big deal was'

Tiffany, who earlier this month was cleared of Hodgkin Lymphoma, decided to share a picture of her bald head with her followers.

“I had decided to shave my head during chemo, which took a lot of courage.

"Feeling proud, I updated my friends on Facebook with the caption 'I did it!' and about two hours later found that someone had reported it for nudity. "I posted a nice one of me with my makeup on the day after, and that got reported too. “All I was doing was trying to help others that might need that little boost to show that no one is different, with or without hair or scars,” said Tiffany.

“Having that taken out was a big thing for me, as it essentially kept me alive for so long,” she explained. Jessica had upload a photo of the scar left by the removal of her Hickman line chemotherapy tube, That too got reported for containing nudity.

“As soon as I put it up it was reported for nudity, then straight away a selfie of my bald head was also reported - the first ever picture I posed with no hair.

“It really upset me as I didn’t see what the big deal was.

"I posted my journey through cancer on Facebook from day one as I wanted people to be aware of how brutal it can be, and I wanted everyone to be aware of leukaemia and donors."


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