Candy-sniffing craze causes maggot infestation in children's noses

By admin
04 February 2014

Parents have been warned that the unusual new craze candy-sniffing sweeping through North America can cause worms and insect infestations in the nasal passage.

A new candy-sniffing craze can cause maggot infestations in children's noses.

Parents have been warned that the new craze, in which youngsters inhale crushed sweets through their nose, can have a serious impact on their health.

It is believed that flies attracted to the rotting sugar are laying eggs inside children's nasal passages.

Health officials say lung infections, septicaemia and internal bleeding could also be caused by snorting candy with tell tale symptoms of use including a gooey discharge and mucus beneath the eyelids.

At this point even sneezing could cause the child to fall seriously ill.

According to the New York Daily News newspaper, a Rhode Island School has already issued a health warning to parents via email to find out if their children can feel a tickling sensation or smell a foul stench, encouraging them take immediate action.

Although sniffing the candy has no addictive or hallucinogenic qualities, hundreds of videos of youngsters doing so have appeared online. The clips - some attracting over 1,000 views - include the children experiencing severe pain and choking.

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