Cannabis cat foils purr-fect crime

By admin
24 May 2014

Move aside sniffer dogs! A cat in New Zealand proved that it could perform just as well in sniffing out drugs.

Police in New Zealand have praised a crime-fighting cat that delivered a bag of cannabis to its nonplussed owner.

Rather than leaving a bird or mouse on the doorstep, the cat left a small plastic bag filled with drugs as a gift on Sunday night, prompting its owner to call police in the South Island city of Dunedin. Officers said they found five grams of cannabis, with an estimated value of NZ$150. ''You hear of cats bringing dead birds and rats home but certainly in my career I've never seen anything like this before," Sergeant Reece Munro told the Otago Daily Times.

'This might be something police could explore in the future'

''I guess you never really know who's keeping you honest these days, do you?"

Munro said the owner of the cannabis had not been found, although police were planning to check the plastic bag for fingerprints.

He said the marijuana-sniffing moggy could become a new weapon in the fight against illicit drugs.

''We certainly have police dogs trained to detect drugs -- this might be something police could explore in the future," he said.


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