'Cannibal killer’ caught gouging out girl’s eyeballs and eating her face

By Kirstin Buick
07 November 2014

When security staff from the Sirhowy Arms Hotel in south Wales stormed Matthew Williams’ room they could never have been prepared for the scene that met them.

The 34-year-old was allegedly stooped over a girl’s body, “eating her face like Hannibal Lecter” – while the 22-year-old was still alive.

The officers tackled Williams with a high voltage Taser, the force of which knocked him unconscious, Mail Online reports. He was arrested but later died at the scene.

The young woman, who had “appalling facial injuries”, also died in the hotel room from her wounds.

Jill Edwards, a resident of the small south Wales town who lives near the hotel, said Williams was an "animal".

"Security said they told him no girls in his room and he didn't answer, when they opened his door he was eating her face," she said.

Williams had just been released after spending five years in prison for an attack on another woman. He was staying at the hotel, which also operates as a bail hostel.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk, mirror.co.uk, telegraph.co.uk

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