Cape Town crowd cheerful ahead of Madiba memorial

By admin
11 December 2013

A jubilant crowd of all races, creeds, ages and nationalities is waiting patiently for the gates of Cape Town Stadium to open and for Nelson Mandela's Cape Town memorial to begin.

The crowd has grown enormously over the past hour and the air is graced with the sound of songs celebrating Madiba's legacy.

Even the very young understand the importance of the event. "I really love him and miss him," Logan Morgan (8) says. "He changed South Africa. And he really loved children."

People from far and wide have come to say goodbye. Austrian volunteer Isabella Bruchmüller understands the importance of the man as an icon. "You have to commentate such a person. He did so much, not just for South Africa but the world," she says as the words of Asimbonanga reverberates in the background.

-  Christopher Udemans

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