Cape Town school principal brutally stabbed

By Mieke Vlok
19 April 2017

This after he reportedly received death threats.

The principal of a school in Cape Town is in a critical condition after he was stabbed on Wednesday morning.

Wayne Abrahams of the Bishops Lavis School of Skills was attacked by two suspects in the foyer of the school building just before 7 am.

They repeatedly stabbed him in the chest, head, neck and shoulder, said Jessica Shelver, spokesperson for the Western Cape Education and Minister of Education, Debbie Schäfer.

The duo fled the scene when the caretaker arrived. Abrahams is currently in critical condition and is being monitored.

"We condemn this vicious attack in the strongest possible terms. Any attack on a teacher or principal is completely unacceptable."

Abrahams allegedly received threats at the end of the first semester after a pupil at the school shot another 15-year-old student in the leg in March during a gang-related incident. He was apparently warned not to proceed with the investigation and not to take any disciplinary action.

Abrahams reported the threats.

Senior department officials and police officials were at the school this morning, confirmed Jessica.

"An attack such as this on someone who is dedicating his life to uplifting the youth of this province, and who is trying to do the right thing in taking disciplinary action to protect his learners, shows how warped some peoples’ values are."

Additional security guards have since been deployed at the school and trauma counseling will be provided as needed.

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