Carly Rae Jepsen: Videos take work

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08 June 2015

Carly Rae Jepsen says video shoots can be "stressful".

The pop singer is back with catchy track I Really Like You but rather than taking a starring role in the accompanying video, she's drafted in Tom Hanks.

She does appear a little towards the end but really relished taking a backseat on this occasion.

'Video shoots can be very stressful and take ages'

"Video shoots can be very stressful and take ages," she admitted to British magazine Very.

"For this one, I'm only in at the end and when they wrapped up my scene, I wanted to stay and watch Tom. It was pretty amazing too because I had to tell Tom what the lyrics were to each section before they filmed him, which was very cool. I turned to my cousin, who was with me, and said: 'I think I just directed Tom Hanks.'"

Justin Bieber also makes an appearance in the video, which isn't too much of a surprise, as the two Canadians are both managed by Scooter Braun and she was the opening act for his Believe Tour in 2012.

But how did she manage to get Oscar-winner Tom on board?

"I'd like to say I saw him on the side of the street and called out to him, but the truth is my manager was laughing at some of my ideas for the video and was telling the story to Tom. At the end of it, Tom said to him, 'I'd do it.' When he said yes, it was like my best ever Christmas-come-early gift," she giggled.

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