Carmen Niehaus dishes on her new TV show

By Lindsay de Freitas
06 November 2015

Tell us about your new show Jy het ‘n wenresep! (ie. what role do you play, how does the show work?)

I am the presenter and also the judge

Was there something specifically which drew you to the project?

Wenresepte has been part and parcel of Huisgenoot’s food pages for the last 30+ years and as I am the food editor responsible for wenresepte I was asked to be the presenter of the show as well.

Have you ever done television work before (if so provide details) – and were you nervous about taking on this project?

I did some food demos for TV before, but never have been a presenter – this is challenging and something totally new for me, so obviously I was and am still VERY nervous with each episode.

You’ve already started filming for the show – what has the experience been like thus far?

Challenging, interesting, learning a lot

Has your experience of being a ‘reality TV show judge’ been enjoyable, or is it difficult to be the one who decides peoples fate?

It's never easy to say to people 'thanks but no thanks, this was not good enough', but because I am working with a very specific star rating system, the contestants know exactly what is expected of them.

What do you look for in a winning recipe or winning dish?

Recipes must be easy to prepare with fresh and affordable ingredients, the dish has to be original and healthy and obviously it has to be tasty

Jy het 'n Wenresep! will appear on Media24's brand new channel, VIA (DSTV channel 147). For more on VIA's television highlights click here.

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