Cash machine spews out free money

By admin
16 January 2014

Customers were surprised when a faulty ATM in England began spewing out free money with cash withdrawals.

A faulty Lloyds Bank ATM gave out free money to unsuspecting customers.

Dozens of people were spotted queuing up at the machine in Nottinghamshire, central England, after word quickly spread about the malfunctioning ATM which was spewing out free cash alongside withdrawals.

The crowd continued to grow to around 60 people before the mistake was noticed by bank bosses who immediately put the machine out of service.

A spokesman for Lloyds bank - who spotted the fault around 3pm - said investigations have begun into the error but they would not be providing details on how much money had been taken from the machine.

The spokesman said: "We're aware that an error occurred with a Lloyds Bank ATM in Mansfield Woodhouse, resulting in the ATM distributing incorrect amounts of cash.

"The ATM is now out of service and the error is being investigated."

It is thought that those lucky enough to visit the ATM during the malfunction will not be pursued by the bank to return the cash.

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