Cat obsessed with food steals his kitten kiddies’ meals

By Kim Abrahams
17 July 2017

Meet Meatball – the furry feline who proves that food addiction is not only limited to humans.

In fact, Meatball loves eating so much when mealtime arrives, he digs into his two kittens’ rations.

Before fathering Nugget and Pepper with his partner Mochi, Meatball was a slender cat, says owner Daphnie.

Daphnie and her hubby Koon Wah share their home in Hong Kong with their four-pawed pets.

Team Meatball on the alert ?

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When little Nugget and Pepper were old enough to stomach solids, Meatball decided to help himself to his little ones’ meals.

And showing the apple does not fall far from the tree, Pepper picked up on her father’s bad habit and tucked into Nugget’s meal too.

Luckily Daphnie and Koon Wah saw what was happening and intervened.

"Koon Wah built partitions to separate them during meal times," Daphnie tells The Dodo.

The first cubicles were made of cardboard but later upgraded to wood to make it more solid.

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"We also had some fabric from some sake wine we bought in Japan and I sewed these to the front of each partition.

"It has helped a little in terms of separating them during meal times,” says Daphnie.

Dad's attempt at feline dining privacy #??

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As for Meatball’s meatier bod?

"In terms of weight control, Meatball and Pepper are still a little overweight and the chubbier out of the four cats."


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