Cate Blanchett can live without make-up

20 March 2017

The 47-year-old boasts a flawless facade and looks much younger than her years, which may be down to the fact that the Carol actress doesn’t smother her skin in cosmetics.

Natural beauty Cate Blanchett could happily go without wearing make-up.

“I could go without wearing make-up for sure,” she shrugged to Town & Country magazine. “Skin is the largest organ in the body, so if your skin is feeling healthy, then you feel brighter and more positive about entering the day. If you've got an allergy or an outbreak, then you are going to feel slightly less get up and go.

“I am very lazy when it comes to make-up - I guess because I spend a lot of time in it portraying other people. So when I am just me, I use mascara. And if it's a big, exciting day, I'll wear some lipstick.”

As one of designer Giorgio Armani’s muses and a brand ambassador for skincare company SK-II, Cate has her choice of products from both labels, including perfumes from the former. She loves the scent Armani Si, which she appears in the campaign for, and during her interview the blonde beauty also gushed about her favourite SK-II offerings.

“Well, I have been using the SK-II essence for about 15 years now and was thrilled when they finally released it as a mist last year,” she smiled. “I have been at them for about 10 years to put it in a spray dispenser because that's what I have always done when I'm travelling. If I could only take one product with me, it would be that. I also love to use it during particularly long hours on a film set."

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