Cate Blanchett: I warned mom about lesbian sex

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22 May 2015

Cate Blanchett gave her mother advanced warning about her lesbian sex scene in Carol.

The two-time Academy Award-winning actress portrays Carol Aird in the forthcoming romantic drama, which is based on author Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 novel The Price of Salt.

She and co-star Rooney Mara’s characters engaged in a steamy lovemaking session during the film, and the Australian thespian recalls what it was like to break the news to her mother June.

'I wasn’t worried, but I just wanted her to know'

“It was her birthday, so I said to Mum: ‘Come to the film. Um, there’s a little bit of a sex scene where I kiss another woman’s nipple. Just warning you’,” Cate told the UK’s Daily Mail. “Phew! I wasn’t worried, but I just wanted her to know.”

The actress heard down the grapevine that her mother said, “Oh, that’s beautiful!” after witnessing the sexy antics onscreen between her daughter and Rooney.

Cate isn’t surprised by that response, as she believes the movie is so special because it evokes feelings of what it’s like to falling head over heels “for the first time”.

“It’s almost like Romeo and Juliet . . . but it’s Juliet and Juliet,” she said.

“It’s very important that it’s two women falling in love, but it’s also describing the out-of-body, vertiginous experience that all people can feel, not just two women.”

As for actually getting into character before the steamy love scene, Cate didn’t have much of a problem warming up.

Although the crew offered to take off their clothes too, she and Rooney dismissed their proposal.

“We just got on with it,” Cate noted.

Period drama Carol, which reaches American theatres in December, takes place in the 1950s. The movie centres on the passionate romance between the married titular character and Rooney’s persona Therese Belivet, a young store clerk.

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