Cate Blanchett: People would be horrified at my underwear

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10 October 2015

Actress Cate Blanchett believes most people would be “horrified” at the unsightly lingerie she has stored in her underwear drawer.

The two-time Academy Award-winning actress wears some of the finest clothes in the world when she graces red carpets.

But the 46-year-old A-lister’s underwear does not reflect the couture essence she embodies in designer gowns.

“[People] would be horrified if they could see my underwear drawer. I swear to God, the only reason I take jobs and do photoshoots is so I can get more underpants,” she laughed to PeopleStyle. “I still have underpants my mother made me in high school. I just — something about going to the lingerie section, I don’t know what — I get overwhelmed, I never know what to buy. So I have the most embarrassing, embarrassing underwear. It’s so old at this point, it’s like, ‘prison gray’.”

'I still have underpants my mother made me in high school'

Cate really loves all the pieces her mother June designed for her over the years.

“I’d draw stuff and she’d make it. She was really creative that way,” she smiled.

Native Australian Cate also credits her mother with helping maintain healthy skin.

Without the matriarch’s guidance, Cate would probably be in a bad way with her epidermis.

“I have such fair skin and I used to go onto the rooftop covered in baby oil to try and tan,” she explained. “I did it for one summer and my mum said, you’re never going to be that girl, you’re only going to damage your skin. She was talking to me about skin cancer. So I then went goth instead. I went the other way: dyed my hair — the whole thing.”

Cate is currently the face of SK-II skincare, a brand known for their extraordinary anti-aging products. She uses SK-II’s Mid-Day Essence, their eye cream and treatment oil on a regular basis to maintain her radiant skin.

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