Caught in the act! Abusive nanny secretly filmed hitting toddler and stealing his food

By Yolanda
10 March 2015

A nanny has been secretly filmed hitting a baby boy and eating his food.

The boy’s mother, Cristina Ceril (33), of the city of Paraná in Argentinia, secretly installed the camera after complaints by her neighbours and because she found bruises on her baby, reports.

On the video it looks as if the nanny, Eve Mantaras (25), is hitting the baby, who is cowering in his high chair, then taking his food and eating it.

“'We would sometimes hear her with our son crying very early in the morning,” says Christina.

“It now makes my blood run cold to think what she might have been doing. We always thought she was a bit lazy around the house but we never imagined for a second that she was violent too."

"She actually stole my son's food and then hit him for saying he was hungry. She is sick."

Neighbours told Christina and her husband that the two-year-old and his 10-year-old sibling screamed and cried most days when they were alone with the nanny.

The police and the public prosecutor say the video material will be used against Eve in a case of assault and child abuse.


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