Celeb Junkie

Oh Madge . . . you confuse me! After all your inappropriate stage antics of late, I’d pretty much written you off as an ageing pop star desperately clutching onto your racy youth – that is until you upstaged every star in their pretty frock at the glitzy Costume Institute Gala held at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art!

You truly embraced the event’s punk dress code – from your black wig and studded tartan jacket to your buttock-baring ripped fishnet stockings. And the crucifix dangling from a chain off your right butt cheek was just the perfect finishing touch to an outfit that screamed attitude!

For once, Madge, your 54 years gave you the edge. You said on the red carpet you were inspired by the likes of such punk legends as Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen “and that whole [’70s] era” – well, it’s probably safe to say most of your fellow guests had not even been born yet (bar a few such as Vogue matriarch Anna Wintour).

Your late entrance on the red carpet complete with cocky poses and sneers to the waiting photographers was perfect. You owned this look and didn’t give a toss what anyone else thought – and if that isn’t pure punk attitude we don’t know what is.

PS: See all the fabulous pictures from the gala in this week’s YOU.

-Nici de Wet