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20 May 2013

Will Smith’s no punishment rule for his kids – clever or crazy?

We’ve always wondered how Willow Smith was ever allowed out of the house in some of those scary-crazy outfits she likes to wear on the red-carpet and how come she got away with shaving her head bald . . .  at the tender age of 11! Well, now we know - she literally is allowed to do whatever the heck she wants!

In a new interview her famous pops, Will Smith, says he and wife, Jada, have a hands-off approach to parenting and “don’t believe in punishment”. So what he’s really saying is that their kids don’t get the odd klap, or are even sent to their rooms as punishment is a no-no. “The rule in our house is you can do anything you want and we don’t pull the parent card until danger is involved or if there are long-term repercussions.” (Er, okay, but we could argue Willow’s outfits are harmful to our mental health!)

He goes on to add that all his kids (they also have a 14-year-old son, Jaden) have to do is be able to explain to him why what they did was the right thing for their life. “I think it’s a much more difficult question to ask, ‘Why was that right?’ than to try to show them why it was wrong,” he says. This might work in some cases but what about things like sticking to meal and bath-times? And does it mean they can just go out and get a tattoo?

Kids need structure, especially teenagers. Sounds like a bit of a recipe for disaster to us. What do you think of the Smiths’ parenting style?

-  Nici de Wet

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