Celeb junkie: Beware the bum slip!

By admin
30 April 2013

Seems like a new trend has hit Tinseltown – the ‘bum slip’.

For months stars on the red-carpet have been flashing a sliver of side boob, but it seems that’s already a thing of the past as a revealing new trend hits Tinseltown – the ‘bum slip’.

Yes, peeps, we’re not talking plumber’s crack here, no no. A bum slip is meant to be classy (cough, cough). It’s when a pair of too short shorts or a micro skirt is worn. Supermodel Kate Moss showed off the trend perfectly during a recent night out on the town when she donned a sheer bodysuit but threw over a blazer to avoid, well, an arrest for public indecency, we guess.

Miley Cyrus, no stranger to baring her flesh, was spotted running errands in a pair of ultra-skimpy Daisy Dukes while Britney Spears’ micro mini during a shopping trip, too, left little to the imagination.

Of course this new trend poses two problems: one, nothing short of pert is acceptable (so no saggy, wrinkly, lumpy backsides allowed). Second, you probably have to be on the right side of 40 to pull this look off, unless of course you’re Madonna or Gwyneth Paltrow, who have round-the-clock personal trainers to whip their butts into tip-top condition! Humph.

-By Nici de Wet

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