Celeb Junkie: Hefner vs Simmons - who’s bedded the most babes?

By admin
27 March 2013

Is it the Playboy magnate or the Kiss frontman?

They’re not lookers, but they’re rich and famous – and as we know, that’s more than a heady aphrodisiac for many women. For years, everyone’s wondered just how many busty babes Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner has actually bedded.

Well, now the randy old goat, who recently married for the third time, has come out and said it: “Over a thousand, I’m sure”, he told Esquire magazine, before conceding that, well, actually he’s not totally sure, too many to count.

Given he’s 86 we’ll forgive him for being a bit rusty on the details but, damn, if only those bedroom walls could talk!

But if you think that’s a high tally, wait until you hear this. Rock legend has it that Kiss frontman Gene Simmons – he of the long tongue (cough, cough) – has slept with a staggering 4 600 women.

But in a recent interview the 63-year-old, who’s been with former Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed for 30 years (they got married in 2011), rubbished that, saying “it’s not true, it’s actually 4 800”.

Okay, so has he got a better memory than Hugh (he is younger, after all)? Well, no, he’s got proof. “I took Polaroid photos for a long time, of the vast majority. It just proves you can be an ugly b*****d and if you’ve got the right job you’ll have access.” Guess these buggers really can make grown men weep.

-Nici de Wet

(Images: Gallo Images/Getty images)

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