Celeb Junkie: Is Oprah selling out?

By admin
18 July 2013

Our Celeb Junkie blogger is trying to understand why Oprah is wasting time and money on Lindsay Lohan.

We actually cannot believe Oprah Winfrey is doing this. The one-time queen of talk show TV has apparently hatched a scheme to turn the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan into some kind of reality star.

Not only has she signed up the troubled actress for her first post-rehab interview she’s also reportedly giving her a reality show on her network OWN. And – this is the part that really gets us – she’s paying the flame-haired junkie $2 million to spill her guts. Now if this doesn’t reek of desperation we don’t know what does.

It’s no secret Oprah’s network is in dire financial straits and she’s desperate to pull viewers, but to pay this to a has-been star who has become more famous for her drunken brawls and shoplifting than her acting ability? Where are your standards, Oprah.

The only one coming out tops in this situ is Linds – the last time she made any moolah was when she stripped down for Playboy, who paid her a paltry $1 mil by comparison. Her momager Dina is, of course, already milking the situation for all its worth, telling anyone who cares that Oprah is Lindsay’s “mentor” now. Oprah, we have a faint feeling you’ve been had.

–  Nici de Wet

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