Celeb Junkie: Miley channels Borat’s mankini – too much?

By admin
06 June 2013

It seems a taste for the monokini, which allows them to show off their lady and man bits in all their glory!

What do Miley Cyrus and Borat have in common?

But while Borat (played by Sacha Baron Cohen) clearly believes a watch, towel, socks, shoes and a hairy chest are all that’s needed to perfectly set off his neon mankini, at least Miley pretties herself up with a bunch of gold bling.

The 20-year-old stripped down for the cover art for her new single, We Can’t Stop (which obviously has to do with how she can’t stop dancing of course, nothing raunchier ? cough cough). If you haven’t got the message yet, people, this look should do it: Disney darling Hannah Montana is dead and buried, thank you very much, and in her place is Miley, the sex kitten, backed up by the readers of men’s mag Maxim who recently voted her the hottest woman in the world.

But while we don’t mind a bit of flesh baring, does she have to be so blatant about it? And if this is what she’s doing now, what’ next? Naked in just her socks? Maybe that’s why Liam Hemsworth split with her: perhaps he got tired of his girl sharing her bod with the world. You listening, Miley?

-Nici de Wet

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