Celeb junkie: Queen of trash vs real queen

By admin
07 March 2013

One’s the queen of reality TV, the other’s a real queen, but that’s about where any similarity ends.

By Nici de Wet

One’s the queen of reality TV, the other’s a real queen (well she will be one day), but that’s about where any similarity ends, because here’s proof no amount of money can buy you class.

Lets start with the obvious – dressing their bumps (they’re both five months along).

Kim it seems has never heard of maternity chic or even maternity wear, for that matter  – as she’s still squeezing her lusted-after lady lumps (which have now grown to momentous proportions – from a 36D to a G!) into what she used to wear ie the tightest, trendiest clothes around.

Come on girl, at this rate your poor munchkin is going to be so squashed it’s going to come out sucking in its tum!  And don’t give us that dribble that what you’re wearing is what Kanye likes to see you in – we know you’re a slave to fashion.

And then there’s Kate – beautiful, classy Kate, who probably has the tiniest five-month bump in the world. Okay, she’s probably just built that way, but damn, does she always have to look so perfect with never a hair or heel out of place?

You can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be no sheer gym pants or overflowing bosoms here. No it’s all sensible wrap dresses and low-heels for Prince William’s missus.

We can’t wait to see how their offspring – rumoured to both be girls – turn out and can only imagine the official portraits: her Royal mini-ness in lace-trimmed pantaloons and a smock top vs Kim K’s in a leopard-print Versace onesie! Bring it on!

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