Celeb junkie: School’s out for . . . Bieber!

By admin
11 April 2013

Norwegians are in the grip of Bieber fever.

When a potty-mouthed teenage pop star starts influencing school policy you know it’s a crazy world we live in.

But this is no ordinary singer – it’s the all-powerful Justin Bieber who’s caused several schools in Norway to reschedule their mid-term exams so pupils can attend his concerts in the country.

Now perhaps it’s because they’re liberal-minded folks (or perhaps the teachers themselves are diehard Beliebers and are raring to go) but you won’t find that happening in many places, including SA. But we’re pretty certain there will be a lot of sudden “sickies” pulled by hundreds of girls and boys when The Biebs hits our shores next month.

In fact we reckon it’s going to be all-out teenybopper war when it comes to jostling for position at his shows. And 13-year-old girls and boys definitely know a thing or two about being m-e-a-n – a sneaky pinch here, a quick push there, maybe even a well-timed kick or two.

We reckon nothing will be off limits when it comes to securing prime position to see the boy wonder strut his stuff.

So moms, if you’re accompanying your kids to the SA concerts, get your armour on. Bieber fever ain’t always pretty!

-Nici de Wet

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