Celeb junkie: Why so girly Harry?

By admin
18 March 2013

We’re finding it very hard to fathom why Harry Styles would get a butterfly tattoo.

One Direction's Harry Styles has had a butterfly tattoo done. Just take a moment to digest that.

Not the fact that he’s had ink done (everyone and their grandma has something these days) or even that it spans half his chest, but that he's chosen a butterfly - those sweet, fluttery things more commonly found adorning the bedroom walls of five-year-old girls!

In case you haven’t got where we’re going with this, we’re finding it very hard to fathom why such a supposedly red-blooded lad would choose such a girly design?

Wouldn’t he be the laughing stock of all his mates? His fans on Instagram are divided. Some are posting things like “it’s dumb” and “awful” while others have called it “cute” and “cool”.

We’re guessing the latter comes from the ladies, who probably see the butterfly as the singer getting in touch with his feminine side.

Okay, we get it – Harry’s actually got one over us, it’s a ploy to pull more chicks! But you have to feel sorry for the dude when he’s 80 and wrinkly. That once beautiful butterfly is going to look more like a weeping willow! Shame.

-Nici de Wet

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