Celebrity look-a-likes form a band

By admin
15 May 2014

Ever wondered what it would be like if Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence and Madonna formed a band? Don't worry - these questions keep us up at night too. And now we have our answer ...

Toby SheldonKitty Jay and Venus D’Lite, have gotten toegther to form the Plastics and recorded a song about the work they had done to their faces.

Parts of the video were shot in a recording studio and in the doctor’s office. Facial plastic surgeon Dr Michael Persky of Encino and plastic surgeon Dr Matthew Schulman of New York also get their minutes of fame in the video with their cameos.

Toby, who spent $100 000 (R1 million) on plastic surgery just to look like Justin Bieber, is shown in the video getting what seems to be Botox injection. Kitty, who spent $25 000 (R250 000) to look like actress Jennifer Lawrence and Venus who had plastic surgery to look like Madonna, sing about their cosmetic surgery experiences. “Couldn’t take what age had done. Watch Justin’s videos imitate how he posed. Jealous of his perfect face; wished I could take his place. Docs made my dream come true now I’m Justin number two,” Toby says in the song. The Justin Bieber look-alike doesn’t quite have the popstar’s vocal chords and The Plastics relied on some auto-tune for their song. Not sure what the trio was trying to achieve but Venus believes “everyone can be beautiful when you are made of plastic”. Check out the video

Sources: avclub.com; naughtybutnicerob.com

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