Celebs’ dreams for a better 2010

By admin
18 January 2011


“2010 is the year when I will definitely make up my mind to make a Western movie full of my Irish friends. It has always been on the cards. There’s a bunch of us Irish fellows who keep saying we should get together and make a Western. Yes, 2010 is when I think I will definitely make a decision.”


“If all goes well I hope to open a Mexican restaurant in New York City. I love Mexican food and some of my very best evenings have been spent in Mexican restaurants. I shall mingle with my customers and be a guest waitress at times.”


“Chances are I will run for governor of New Mexico. It’s been my home for 25 years and I really love the place. Poor, hardworking, decent people. I’ve always thought of myself as functioning as a candidate for them. I would be very comfortable as a representative for the people but I won’t decide until nearer the election.”


“I dropped out of Columbia University in 2000 after two years of studying Eastern religions and philosophy to concentrate on acting. But I have always wanted to continue my studies and finish my degree. I have maintained my connections with the university so could be I will decide to continue there in 2010.”


“I plan to do a lot more directing in 2010 because eventually I plan to quit acting to focus on directing movies full time. My directorial debut was The Monday before Thanksgiving. I love doing it - it is perfect for my personality. And I have been getting a lot of good advice from moviemaker David Fincher who has helmed films like Seven, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”


“The 2010 Special Olympics for people with intellectual disabilities are being held in Nebraska from 17 to 24 July and I am honorary chairman of Cessna’s special airlift. The aircraft company has for many years recruited volunteers to transport athletes, coaches and sponsors to the games. It is in fact the largest peacetime airlift in the world. I am just one of many owners wishing to use their aircraft for this important event.”


“Soccer’s World Cup starts in South Africa on 11 June. It is a huge thing for the country and for Africa. I was born in South Africa and I am going to use the tournament as a way to help South Africa’s underprivileged children. I have teamed up with a Los Angeles soccer club to provide uniforms, equipment and soccer fields to schools in South Africa’s Umkhanyakude district, an area plagued by a high rate of HIV infection. I hope the fields will be built by the time the World Cup begins.”

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