Céline Dion: Mistakes are priceless

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28 August 2015

Céline Dion admits there will be moments of emptiness when she returns to the Las Vegas stage.

The Think Twice hitmaker will restart her residency in Caesar’s Palace on Thursday after taking time out from her career to care for her husband, René Angélil, who is battling throat cancer. After so much personal turmoil, the 47-year-old expects her big comeback to be bittersweet.

“That first night will be fragile, there’ll be moments of emptiness, laughter, awkwardness, tearing, there will be,” she confessed to USA Today. “But that’s the point of coming back, otherwise I just release an album. The mistakes sometimes are priceless. And if you come to see the show to look for perfection it’s through the imperfection you see the perfection, otherwise don’t pay to come over here, buy the album.”

'First of all, I’m doing it for him'

Céline and René have been married for 20 years and together they have three children. Her spouses’ diagnosis has hit the family hard, but ever the professional, Céline hopes to channel her emotions into her songs and give them new meaning.

“There’s something between the lines, between the meanings of the songs, between your speech, empty spaces, there’s so much more,” she continued. “And I’m not quite sure what’s going to come out of this, but a curtain will open.”

Despite his ill health, René has been a driving force in the Power of Love singer returning to the stage. Céline hopes that seeing her back doing what she loves will inspire him to remain positive despite not knowing the prognosis of his illness.

“It’s going to help Rene 100 per cent and it’s going to help 100 per cent. First of all, I’m doing it for him. He wants me there, he wants me to be with him, he is with me, and I think he wants a trip on the stage again,” she smiled “I’ll bring him with me. He’s with me at the house are you kidding me? I don’t move an inch away from my family. I’m the caretaker, I’m the wife, I’m the mother. Hopefully he’ll be in the audience, if not we have the equipment for him to see the show live at the house in his comfortable seat.”

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