Celine Dion third-wheels an unexpected marriage proposal – and her reaction is better than the bride's!

By Lauren Klaasen
08 February 2017

Celine may have been even more shocked than the bride-to-be!

Nick Janevski and Austin McMillan casually got engaged in the presence of Celine Dion last week, leaving the singer in shock.

Any guy would go the extra mile to make a proposal special, but Nick raised the bar pretty for sweetheart Austin.

Nick (24) and Austin (28) are a couple from Las Vegas who were dating for six months before popping the question, Buzzfeed reported.

According to the outlet, Austin is a huge Celine Dion fan and used to be a personal trainer for Dion’s manager. This counted in their favour, giving Nick a few strings he could pull in arranging a surprise meet-and-greet with Celine during her performance in Vegas. The initial plan was to propose to Austin during the live show, but Nick's plan B was the winning option. The Power of Love singer was just as shocked as Austin when Nick took to one knee shortly after having their picture taken, to pop the question, Brides Online reported. However, the pictures suggest that the singer might have been slightly more shocked than the bride-to-be.

“I didn’t even say yes… for like two whole minutes I was just shocked. I just looked at Celine Dion and then we both looked at him … I just kissed him,” Austin told Buzzfeed. But the singer’s reaction is what really made the proposal memorable. According to Entertainment Tonight, the recently widowed 48-year-old witnessed the young couple's engagement shortly after remembering the one-year anniversary of her late husband who died  after fighting a long battle with cancer. In an Instagram post last month she shared the memory.

After processing everything (mostly Celine) the singer congratulated the couple and gave them her blessing

“I hope you have a long and happy marriage, just like I did with my husband,” were Celine's words, Austin told Buzzfeed.

The couple have not yet decided on a wedding date, but how cool would it be if they got Celine Dion to sing at their wedding reception?

Sources: BuzzFeed, Entertainment Tonight, Brides

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