Centrum® Guardian project 2014

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21 July 2014

Pulling trapped passengers from beneath a capsized boat in stormy seas, rescuing elderly victims from a burning inferno, giving an unborn baby whose mother has just died a miraculous chance at life – these are just a few examples of the amazing work South Africa’s Emergency and Rescue Services (ERS) personnel do every day.


They are dedicated men and women who devote every ounce of their strength, stamina and energy to saving lives, and their unwavering commitment has seen the South African ERS ranked as one of the best in the world.

'We have been able to create sustainable awareness and well-deserved recognition for this challenging industry'

Over the past six years the Centrum® Guardian Project has profiled 49 finalists across various emergency disciplines, including medical, water, fire and rescue. Retelling these amazing real-life stories in a series of three-minute documentary dramas, the project is a testament to ERS’ devoted service to all South Africans. The stories can be watched and shared on social media networks by visiting the website www.centrumguardian.com.

During July, August and September 2014 the public can get involved when purchasing any Centrum® product. A portion of Centrum® sales will go towards funding specialised ERS training. Centrum® will consult with role players in the industry to identify the specialised training needs for the various disciplines.

Training not only enhances the lives of the ERS personnel who benefit from improved knowledge and additional skills, but also the lives of everyone in the community in which ERS operates.


Over the past three years the Centrum® Guardian Project has provided nearly R2 million worth of training, thanks to willing and generous sponsors. These include:

  • Petrochemical Fire-fighting Courses (Sasol Shared Services, Secunda)Light Motor Vehicle and New Car Technology Rescue Techniques (Fire Raiders and Holmatro)
  • Latest in Emergency Medical Protocols (ER24 Training Academy)
  • Advanced 4x4 Off-Road Driver Training (MasterDrive)
  • International Trauma Life Support Training Courses (Netcare Education Faculty of Emergency and Critical Care)
  • Confined Space Rescue Course (Rural Metro Emergency Management Service)
  • Advanced Heavy Duty Vehicle Driver Training (Scania)
  • Snake Identification and Bite Treatment Workshops (Eskom and International Medical Services)
  • High Angle Rope Rescue Courses (ETS Emergency Training Solutions)
  • Fire Prevention and Safety Strategies Courses (Fire Protection Association)

“By paying tribute to the men and women of the ERS we have been able to create sustainable awareness and well-deserved recognition for this challenging industry. We have seen first-hand what the sponsored training means to them, and how they benefit from it,” says Natasha Macdonald, Centrum® Brand Manager.

For more information please visit www.centrumguardian.com.

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