Centurion school left reeling after Grade R boy dies on playground

By Jana van der Merwe
02 February 2017

The six-year-old died on the scene of the freak accident.

A school in Centurion is in mourning after a freak accident on a jungle gym during break on Tuesday claimed the life of a Grade R learner in front of his classmates.

Emergency workers arrived soon after Iyaad Noormohamed (6), a learner at the Al-Asr Educational Institute in Laudium, Centurion, allegedly fell on his head.

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Rafiq Mukadam, the school principal, says his secretary told Iyaad’s parents the shocking news.

Rafiq says shortly after two ambulance services were contacted, Iyaad’s father arrived. The “freak accident” happened at about 10.30 am during first break and a teacher called for help.

Rafiq says Iyaad’s eyes were half open and he wasn’t completely conscious when he was stabilised on the scene.

“They did everything they could.” But about an hour later he was informed that Iyaad had died.

Counsellors will visit the school on Thursday to give support to the boy’s traumatised friends.

“It happened at break and the teachers all helped to get the children inside their classrooms (away from the scene), but it was still very traumatising. I am in constant contact with the parents. They are still very much in shock,” the principal says.

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