Channing Tatum: I can’t be skinny

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05 July 2015

Channing Tatum has altered his diet to avoid being “skinny”.

The 35-year-old actor buffed up his physique for his starring role in new male stripper sequel Magic Mike XXL.

Channing is gearing up to begin filming forthcoming Marvel movie Gambit this fall and in order to prepare for his titular role in the X-Men spinoff, he has to drop most of the bulk he gained for Magic Mike XXL.

'I eat nothing except broccoli and chicken'

“Gambit’s gonna be different,” he told USA Today. “You can’t just be skinny. He’s gonna be way, way, way less muscle mass.”

In order to shed the pounds safely, Channing must alter his diet.

He has already started incorporating one vegetable in particular into his meals, in addition to altering his exercise regimen.

“A lot of running and a lot of broccoli… super sexy, right?” the star smiled in response to how he is transforming his body for Gambit.

Channing has previously spoken about how much he relishes time off between shooting movies.

The star normally binges on his favourite fatty foods during professional breaks.

"Between movies I eat as much as I possibly can," he admitted to German magazine TV Movie.

"Bacon in the morning, cake in the afternoon, popcorn in the evening...

"During breaks in filming I drink so much alcohol that I get fat anyway. Embarrassing."

In the same interview, Channing also noted how much he dislikes sticking to a strict diet.

"I eat nothing except broccoli and chicken," he grimaced. "It's awful, but it works. A life without sugar is just no fun."

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