Charlie Sheen is the 'guinea pig' for pioneering new AIDS drug

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15 June 2016

Charlie Sheen is eight weeks into an experimental drug treatment trial, which may serve as an AIDS breakthrough.

The actor, who went public with his HIV-positive diagnosis last year, has revealed he's "a guinea pig" for a new U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) study for a drug called PRO 140.

"I just finished week eight," he tells Extra, "and, as opposed to a daily cocktail of a combination of pills that have a lot of nasty side effects, this is one shot every week... I don’t have the migraines, the stomach problems... I seriously believe this is the future of treatment for HIV."

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The 50-year-old Wall Street star is also taking his health seriously after years of wild parties, heavy drinking and drug abuse.

"Exercise, diet... don't go on benders anymore, don't drink as much," he adds. "I just woke up one day and said, 'I deserve better'."

Sheen is also helping others stay clean and avoid HIV and sexually transmitted diseases by promoting a new range of condoms, insisting the LELO brand is "the first change to the condom both the appeal and technology in 70 years".

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"Shouldn’t a guy with five kids, a granddaughter and HIV be buying condoms and not selling them?" he jokes. "But it does kind of make perfect sense. I don’t know if there is a better spokesperson past, future and present to talk about the importance of condoms and the stigma they’ve had for so long."

And he admits he has used the new condoms, adding, "It’s amazing, it’s almost like there’s nothing between you and the moment."

That said, there's "nobody special" in his life right now.

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"I’m not dating," he says. "I got my hands full with dealing with my health, taking care of my family."

Sheen, who has been married three times, and was engaged to porn star Brett Rossi, also reveals he has no desire to marry again: "I think I’d sooner walk on the moon in exactly what I’m wearing then head back to the altar... When you’re terrible at something, why keep doing it?"

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