Cheated and abused . . .

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03 June 2011

As she slides into a chair at a hair salon in Johannesburg it’s obvious she’s lost a lot of weight. The shadows under her eyes are proof of the strain she’s been under.

But the nightmare is over now, singer and actress Kelly Khumalo says.

She tried to make her relationship with rap artistJub Jub work but the abuse and beatings became too much. She’s getting a restraining order against him and moving on with her life.

That’s why Kelly (29) is in the salon today. She’s embracing the African tradition of shaving off your hair to signify a fresh start.

“I don’t know how I will look,” she says, “especially as I have a bald patch after Molemo pulled my hair out during one of our fights.”

Molemo Maarohanye – Jub Jub’s real name – is history to her.

They had a two-year relationship that saw the birth of a child, Christian (1), and appeared to be a loving couple.

Kelly seemed to be standing firmly by him after the drag race he was involved in last year went horribly wrong, leaving four boys dead and two badly injured. She was with Jub Jub (30) at most of his court appearances [the trial will resume on 21 June].

He cheated on her throughout their relationship, she says, and put her under so much stress she had a miscarriage in 2009.

The last straw came on Christian’s birthday in May. Jub Jub asked for the keys to her Hummer to drop off a friend. She refused because she knew he wanted to visit his girlfriends, Kelly says.

“He grabbed me and punched me hard in my face. I staggered and reached for a wooden spoon and hit him back. That’s when he hit me with a glass he’d been drinking from. It broke on my face.”

Kelly says last year’s accident affected Jub Jub badly. “One minute Molemo would be sweet, the next a complete stranger. He was so angry – so, so angry.

“I thought it would be unfair to leave him as he’d had such a traumatic experience.”

Jub Jub can remain a part of Christian’s life if he turns over a new leaf, she says.

She’s back with her former manager, Linda Moeketsi, and with Bonsai Shongwe, the owner of Bonsai Entertainment, so things are looking up for her career.

Read more about Kelly's decisions in the issue of YOU, 9 June 2011.

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*Despite attempts to contact Jub Jub and his manager for comment nothing was forthcoming at the time of going to press.

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