Cheerleader develops anorexia after bullies complained she’s too heavy to lift

By Robyn Lucas
26 July 2017

“The girls who would pick me up, would complain that I was too heavy when I was 50 kg at my heaviest."

Cheerleaders seem like the most confident girls in high school – with their fit physiques and itsy-bitsy outfits they’re what most other lasses dream of looking like.

But one cheerleader showed that even the seemingly perfect have deep-rooted issues that could become life-threatening.

Racquel Symons (20) developed anorexia after her cheerleading teammates complained she was ‘too heavy to lift’.

The brunette, from Orange County in California, only weighed 50 kg but her cruel peers would drop her on purpose, claiming she was ‘too heavy’ – all in a bid to steal her position, she says.

"I suffered from my eating disorder for a little less than a year,” she says.

“In high-school, I was a cheerleader, a flyer.

In her battle to lose weight, Racquel would merely eat two hard-boiled egg whites, a can of tuna and some vegetables every day.

Desperate to stop the torments from her bullies, she hopped on the scale four times a day to monitor her weight.  

At her lowest, Racquel touched the scale at only 41 kg.

"It was awful. I started fearing food the more weight I was losing. I would only eat a few vegetables and one or two hard-boiled eggs and that was it for the whole day.”

After her dad saw how thin she had become, he reached out to a sports nutritionist to get her back on track.

Racquel was so inspired by the nutritionist, she started weightlifting.

And now two years later, she weighs a healthy 54 kg and eats five meals a day to maintain her incredible muscle gain.

"I felt hopeless and I wish I could have spoken up sooner,” says the 20-year-old, who is an International Federation of Bodybuilding Fitness (IFBB) bikini pro.

She now shares her story in the hopes of shedding light on the disorder. She also wants people suffering from anorexia to know they’re not alone.

“Don't give up, you are worth it and beautiful at any weight. Weight doesn't define you.”

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