Cheers – to friendship!

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17 November 2010

The two little boys babble excitedly as they stand in front of the Christmas tree, enthralled by the colourful baubles and glittering decorations, while their famous moms sit nearby indulging in a spot of girl talk.

Morning Live presenter Leanne Manas and South Africa’s first lady of cricket Kass Naidoo have been friends for years but since becoming mothers they don’t see each other nearly as often as they’d like so they have plenty of catching up to do when they meet at Leanne’s home in Northcliff, Joburg, for YOU’s special Christmas shoot.

With their husbands away for the day the bubbly TV personalities get into the spirit of the occasion, tucking into Christmas cake, popping crackers and clinking glasses of champagne.

While the women talk Alexandro (16 months), Leanne’s firstborn with businessman Marc Menelaou, watches as Daniel (22 months), Kass’ son with her hubby, lawyer Ryk Meiring, tries to unwrap some of the presents under the tree. Like most toddlers he seems more interested in the colourful packaging than the contents of the boxes.

“Look how well the boys are getting on,” Leanne exclaims. “Hopefully they’ll grow up to be best friends” – just like their moms who struck up a friendship nine years ago.

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