Cher: Lady Gaga’s my twin

By admin
28 August 2014

Cher believes she and Lady Gaga are twins from “different decades”.

Er, whatever you say, Cher. The 68-year-old pop diva is a big fan of the 28-year-old Born This Way singer’s outlandish style. And she took to Twitter on Wednesday to share her appreciation by posting a photo of Gaga wearing a giant curly wig resembling her own signature raven curls. “LOVE THAT PHOTO OF #GAGA TWIN GIRLS DIFFERENT DECADES,” she wrote, gushing, “Nothing like BIG HAIR (Black of course) & FISHNETS !”

Cher has worked closely with Gaga in the past. The pair recorded a duet for the singing legend’s 2013 album Closer to the Truth, although it failed to make the final cut because her younger “twin” wasn’t pleased with the final result.

Cher continued to praise Gaga after the snag, branding her “creative and strong”. She also hasn’t shied away from critiquing other pop stars.

"I like Rihanna's music a lot and I think you can't get better than Adele. I like what Gaga's songs say for the most part and how she presents herself. She's very creative and strong," she told Heat magazine late last year.

Cher is currently in the midst of her Dressed To Kill Tour. And while the singer insists she can rock a stage as powerfully as ever, she hopes her contemporaries realise the importance of supporting their fellow females, rather than tearing each other down.

With Gaga, she simply wishes the star’s fans were more welcoming online.

"I don't like it when all the Little Monsters [Lady Gaga fans] come down on me, I think young artists don't realise that you have to support one another and there no room for b***hing," she explained. "Women stand together and so do artists. You might fight if you don't like someone but you still have to support them,” she said.

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