Child of darkness

By admin
06 August 2010

Actress and Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie has been called many things during her high-profile celebrity years – humanitarian, sexpot, home-wrecker, philanthropist, weirdo, mother, sexual deviant . . .

It all adds up to make her one of the most talked-about women in the world. Now a sensational new unauthorised biography titled Angelina by author Andrew Morton – who has written about Princess Diana and Tom Cruise – reveals another side to Angelina Jolie: a woman scarred by feelings of abandonment.

Through interviews with friends, acquaintances and doctors he paints a picture of an emotionally vulnerable woman who was shunned by her mother for the first year and a half of her life. YOU has published an edited extract from the biography that shows how the star’s feelings of loss led to her drug use, her first sexual encounter at 14, many short relationships and a desperate need to adopt children from foreign countries.

In addition YOU features two pages of startlingly revealing pictures taken in a tattoo parlour when Angelina was an emerging star. They show her wearing little more than duct tape on her nipples and a G-string while apparently high on drugs

The article provides insights into her childhood, her tormented teen years, her heavy drug use, the many men in her life, her marriage to Brad Pitt and her new role as a mother.

Andrew Morton writes, ‘‘As a Gemini (she) was destined to have a dual personality; the forces of good and evil, darkness and light, male and female wrestling in her psyche. She would be at once adaptable, versatile, witty and intellectual and nervous, tense, cunning and inconsistent.’’

* See the full article and revealing pictures in the 12 August issue of YOU.

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