Children strap LIVE sparrows to fireworks to play 'real-life' Angry Birds

By admin
26 February 2015

A group of Chinese children used fireworks to play Angry Birds with live sparrows.

A group of children in China used fireworks to play Angry Birds with live sparrows.

The children apparently caught the sparrows by shooting them down with catapults before before strapping the bewildered creatures to the rockets, lighting them and launching them into the air to explode.

Angry Birds is a popular video game, played mostly on smartphones and tablets, that sees users to catapult cartoon birds into various objects to earn points.

Huang Chu (45) exposed the children’s cruel game after seeing them run off in a park when a rocket didn’t go off.

The Mirror reports that Chu found the bodies of other bloodied and mutilated birds strewn around the park. “I took a picture and freed the live sparrow. It fluttered off to underneath a bush.”

"I posted images online because people should be aware of what's happening and maybe it will increase pressure for animal rights laws to finally be introduced here in China."

Sources: Mail Online, The Mirror

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