Chilling 911 call reveals how daughters begged for their lives before mother shot them dead

By Kirstin Buick
30 June 2016

This content might be upsetting for sensitive readers.

Texas police have released 911 calls placed by Madison (17) and Taylor Sheats (22) minutes before their mother shot and killed them.

"Please forgive me, I'm sorry," can be made out amidst the screams on a call to emergency services placed by Christy Sheats' (42) youngest daughter, Madison.

"Please don't shoot, I'm sorry. Please don't point that gun at us."

A man's voice, reportedly belonging to Christy's husband Jason Sheats, can be heard saying, "I promise you, whatever you want, I'll ..."

Then the call cuts out.

The harrowing audio reveals the drama that unfolded inside Jason and Christy's home in the peaceful Texas suburb of Katy, where Christy, a pro-gun activist, murdered her two daughters.

Jason (45) managed to escape.

According to reports, Christy called a 'family meeting' on Friday 24 June, eventually opening fire in their living room.

Christy shot both sisters, but the women and their father managed to escape through the front door.

Neighbour Fazz Zainuddin told Click2Houston he heard the father say, "Don't do this. They're our kids."

Madison collapsed, while Jason managed to escape down the cul-de-sac and into a neighbour's house.

Taylor ran out into the street, with her mother in pursuit.

A photo shared by Christy on Facebook. A photo shared by Christy on Facebook.

Taylor also called 911 during the ordeal, in which she appears to be unable to speak, according to The Mirror.

In another emergency call, a neighbour described how Christy shot Taylor in the back as she tried to run away, MailOnline reports.

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It's believed Christy ran out of bullets in her .38 caliber handgun -- a legally owned weapon that had been passed down to Christy by her great-grandfather.

"She’s coming back again apparently she has bullets now," the neighbour can reportedly be heard saying. "She’s shot her again from the back. She’s trying to run. She shot her in the back."

When the police arrived, Christy was standing near her daughters' lifeless bodies, still holding the gun.

Christy and youngest, Madison, before a Luke Bryant concert. PHOTO Facebook Christy and youngest, Madison, before a Luke Bryant concert. PHOTO Facebook

“The cops were behind the trees and behind the cars, and they told the mom to put the gun down and, obviously, she did not,” Zainuddin said.

A Fulshear policeman shot her when she refused to drop the weapon, killing her instantly.

Taylor, who was due to marry her fiance Juan Sebastian Lugo in a small ceremony on Monday, was air-lifted to the local hospital, where she later died.

Madison was pronounced dead outside the home. Jason was taken to hospital, but was physically unhurt.

It's been reported that Christy called the meeting to "discipline" her bride-to-be daughter.


In a press conference after the horrific incident, Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls revealed how Christy had wanted to "blame" Jason.

"He did state that she accomplished what she set out to do and that is to make him suffer," Nehls said.

Madison's best friend, who refused to be named, told MailOnline that the Seven Lakes High School student had sounded upset when they spoke on the phone that morning.

"I could just tell in her voice she was upset about something. I asked her what was going on and she wouldn't tell me.

"She just said that she was arguing with her mom."

The friend added, "I was over there almost every weekend and we did stuff together. I never noticed anything with the family. I mean they argued but there was nothing really big.

"Her mom was a good person. I just don't know what happened that day."

But according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, deputies have responded to 14 emergency calls from the Sheats' home since January 2012. Some of these were believed to be related to suicide attempts by Christy.

Sources: Click2Houston, The Mirror,, MailOnline

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