Chopsticks pierce through boy’s throat

By admin
12 December 2014

A Chinese schoolboy is lucky to be alive after a pair of chopsticks pierced his throat in an accident.

Yun Chia (12) was walking across the road after buying a take-away meal when  one of his classmates’ parents ran into him on a scooter. When he fell his chopsticks pierced his throat. School staff called an ambulance and the boy was rushed to hospital. X-rays showed the chopsticks had done no damage. Zhou Yen, the doctor who treated the boy, told the local media, “We did a CT scan and it showed the chopsticks had missed the trachea, oesophagus and major blood vessels.

“He was really very lucky; we could operate and remove the chopsticks,” the doctor said.”

He added that because the chopsticks were made of steel and not wood there was less risk of complications through an infection.

 -- Wilmer Muller


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