Chris Brown: Drake was Riri's revenge

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03 November 2014

Chris Brown is “content” with Drake and Rihanna.

The 25-year-old Loyal singer began dating the Diamond songstress in 2008, but the pair split a year later after he assaulted her. Rihanna struck up a romance with Drake in the years following their breakup and during an interview with with US radio programme Hot 97 on Friday, Chris shared his thoughts on whether he thinks his ex started dating Drake to seek revenge on him. “She gonna be mad if I say it, but in a way I do, [she wanted to hurt me] a little bit. It's the game, we young, you do that at that age,” Chris detailed.

‘She gonna be mad if I say it, but in a way I do, she wanted to hurt me a little bit’

“For me, I'm content with who I am so whoever decides to move on or do their thing, that's cool. That was during the Chris Brown era when I was on all about running up on dudes and [saying], 'When I see you!’”

All is well between the trio now, as Chris insists he is on good terms with both Drake and Rihanna.

In fact, he and Drake quashed their beef officially after the rapper contacted Chris to appear in a skit together for the 2014 ESPY Awards.

“When they called us, I was like, 'Let's break this whole beef thing, let's do something funny and make light of this situation, it shows growth and maturity,” he stated.

"I think we avoided talking about the [Rihanna] issue, we were just like, 'Hey, you good?'"

After Chris was prosecuted for assault in 2009, Rihanna revealed her thoughts on the violence during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

And after that conversation took place, the musicians forged a reconciliation.

“At the end of the day that was when I knew we could be friends and talk,” Chris said, noting he was “moved” by Rihanna’s Oprah interview.

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