Chris Brown is finally out of rehab

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24 February 2014

Chris Brown has left rehab after deciding to stay there for a few extra days after completing his 90 days of court ordered treatment for anger management.

Chris Brown has left rehab.

The Fine China hitmaker recently completed 90 days of court-ordered treatment for anger issues but decided to remain in the facility in Malibu for a few extra days until he felt confident he wouldn't slip up again.

A source told "He's back home now and he feels good about it. After Chris left rehab, he headed to a music video shoot, where he broke out some impressive moves for his new single, Loyal. " Chris' friends and family, including his mother Joyce Hawkins, threw him a small homecoming party on Saturday night. The insider said: "We had a low-key celebration for him. It was real quiet. A lot of hugs. A lot of thank yous. No big speeches although he said, 'Thank y'all for being there for me. Really appreciate all that. Love.' We weren't trying to turn it into a crying session, we just all wanted to be around him and uplift him and show him how proud of him we are."

'He's trying to take what he learned with him about his anger and use those skills to make his relationships better'

The R&B singer was ordered to seek anger management instead of being sentenced to jail when his probation, stemming from his violent assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, was formally revoked as a result of an alleged assault on Parker Adams in Washington D.C. in October.

But the Forever singer feels he has finally learnt to control his temper.

The source said: "He's trying to take what he learned with him about his anger and relationships with women and his mother and use those skills to make his relationships better."

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