Chris Pine: Life isn't a fairytale

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22 February 2015

Chris Pine thinks love is all about complementing one another.

The actor gets his shot at a fairytale ending in Into the Woods, in which he plays Cinderella's Prince.

But in real life, the 34-year-old takes quite a cynical approach when it comes to love.

'Let's be honest; love stories that end in happily ever after aren't real'

"Unfortunately, real life isn't like the fairytales," he sighed to German magazine Bravo. "Let's be honest; love stories that end in happily ever after aren't real. I think you need to complement one another - that's real love. But we aren't responsible for other people's happiness."

Anna Kendrick plays Cinderella and says the unconventional fairytale is a good depiction of how good and bad aren't always so black and white. She learnt that lesson when she was young and her parents split up, however they get on well enough to continue spending important occasions together.

"I learnt that people can have different opinions and even fight but still stick together," she smiled.

Traditionally, Cinderella is left to clean her evil stepmother's home while her stepsisters enjoy a life of luxury. And 29-year-old Anna is no stranger to feeling left out in the cold.

"At the beginning of my career I took even the smallest role just so I could get by," she admitted. "I lived in New York and had barely any money. My apartment was tiny and freezing cold in winter!

"I remember my dad buying me chocolate eggs for Easter - it seemed like a feast to me! Then I moved to LA, where at least it was warm."

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