Chris Pratt's 'monster' fatherhood trick

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05 August 2014

Chris Pratt has an unusual trick to keep his toddler well-behaved.

Chris Pratt has an unusual trick to keep his toddler well-behaved. The Guardians of the Galaxy star shares 23-month-old Jack with wife Anna Faris.

'Now he goes around saying, 'Monster trucks, monster trucks!''

And when the little tot gets cranky, Chris knows just the perfect fix.

"Monster trucks," the star laughed of his solution. “He was crying the other day, and I had him on my lap. So we watched this 15-minute highlight reel of [monster truck team] Grave Digger on YouTube, and dude, it was so bada*s! He and I both were just wide-eyed. Now he goes around saying, 'Monster trucks, monster trucks!'"

Chris (35) married Lost in Translation actress Anna in Bali in 2009 after meeting on the set of Take Me Home Tonight.

Jack was born in August 2012.

But Chris recently admitted his spouse is definitely the funnier parent.

“She is, by far! Jack has started to do very rudimentary art at school — maybe a few splots of paint across a piece of paper — and Anna gives them the funniest names,” he confessed to Redbook magazine last month. “There’s one on the fridge called Everything is Realised and another one called Time Is a Human Construct.”

Since becoming a dad, Chris has also cleaned up some of his own bad habits.

Having a son has made him realise the importance of keeping things organised.

“Having to follow Jack around and pick up after him made me realize how often Anna had been doing that for me. It’s like, ‘Wait a minute, why is all this crap everywhere? Oh, right, someone was picking it up for me.’ So I’m not taking that for granted anymore,” he mused.

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