Chris Rock: I've never packed a punch

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20 December 2014

Chris Rock used to be laughed at when he tried to fight.

Chris Rock used to be laughed at when he tried to fight. The 49-year-old actor began his career doing stand-up comedy before starring in hit movies such as Rush Hour and Grown Ups. His humorous side is recognised by many but he wasn't always a funnyman, especially not in school

'When I'd fight with someone, they'd start laughing'

"Far from it," he smiled when asked if he was the class clown growing up. "I was quiet. But when I'd fight with someone, they'd start laughing. I was like, 'That's odd. I'm being serious!'" he recalled to Us Weekly.

Chris' performance skills have won him countless awards, including four Emmys. He's always working on new ventures to showcase his talents, although he does sometimes have to remind himself of how gifted he is.

"Any decent stand-up questions himself. When I rehearse, I'm like, I hope I still got it," he admitted.

"I stay out of my comfort zone. I love when I'm at the doctor's office and there's an issue of Cosmopolitan. I'll knock it out cover to cover to get another perspective."

The star can be seen in his latest venture, semi-autobiographical flick Top Five, which he also directed. It picks up from the end of TV series Everybody Hates Chris and follows comedian Andre Allen as he tries to make it as a serious actor.

"I like the control [of directing]. I like creating a world, you know? The world is going to look whatever way you want it to look and I just like making these people come to life," Chris recently explained to Fresh Air. "It's like the guy who built Frankenstein. I can create my own friends. I can create a girlfriend."

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